IPL – it is not just the cricket!

I had been to an Indian Premier League cricket match recently and came away fascinated by the experience. Being a cricket aficionado, I have been to cricket grounds to watch Test matches in the past. I love the ebb and flow of the game in a Test match and watching it with similar cricket fans makes for a wholesome experience. The M. Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore is not the worst in terms of accessibility and basic facilities. It makes for a good viewing experience. The IPL matches, on the other hand, are a whole different ball game. The crowd coming in to watch these matches is completely different – there are families, teenagers and youngsters in large numbers, all turning up to enjoy the spectacle. There is music, loud. Really, really loud. The huge speakers placed maybe about a 100 feet away from each other are facing the audience. God forbid your seats turn out to be bang in front

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Dhoni’s Legacy

Mahendra Singh Dhoni retired from Test cricket, post drawing a match against Australia at the MCG yesterday. The timing and the method of retirement were extraordinary. It caught the media contingent and everyone completely unawares. He was in a post match press conference less than an hour before the press release announcing his retirement. The press conference was as normal as it could be, not a hint of the impending announcement. Now, if ever there was a case of keeping one’s emotions in check, then this was it. Brilliant! He retires as the Captain of the Indian cricket team and statistically, the most successful man to have done the job. Under his supervision, India won approx. 40% of the test matches they played. A lot has been written about his home v/s away records. Regardless of all of that, the way he carried himself on and off the field defines his legacy. He has been one of a kind simply

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Phil Hughes

I simply had to write about the shocking and saddening news of Phil Hughes’ demise after being hit by a cricket ball while playing the game. It feels like a travesty to call it that – “playing a game”. One can not die while playing – can they? Not cricket, surely?! I do know there have been instances in the past, Raman Lamba, for example, famously died when hit in the head while fielding at forward short leg. That was a freak accident and somehow seems more comprehensible than to die after being hit while wearing a helmet and protective gear while batting. I do not know Phil Hughes. I did not follow his career closely. My impression of his cricketing ability was that he was one of many openers that the Australian cricket team had been trying in the past couple of years, looking for the right combination. Now, I do know a little more about him. I know

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In my childhood days, our sport of choice in the evenings would be a reflection of the current international sporting event. If India were playing cricket in a test series or a one-day international series, then we would become the latest sensation of the time while batting, bowling or fielding. If badminton was the flavor of the day via the Asia Cup or the Thomas and Uber Cup, we would shift seamlessly to playing badminton. During times of the Euro Cup or the FIFA World Cup, it would be time for some football action on the streets around the house. Fast forward to XX years later, and my blog posts reflect the current craze on sports and news channels across the world! Le Jogo Bonito is being watched by more than half the population of the world. The FIFA has more members than the United Nations, for God’s sake! Put that in perspective – if FIFA so wishes, it could

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On a roll

Sebastian Vettel is on a roll. He is winning the Formula 1 Grand Prix like it is nobody’s business. He reminds me of Michael Schumacher in the 2000s when he drove for Ferrari and won 13 races in a single season. Winning one Formula 1 GP is achievement enough for mere mortals, to win multiple races in one season, to win 3 championships in a row is what makes these people great. Not all races are won “easily”. Not every time that success is tasted is the story the same. The end result, however, is the same. When on a roll, everything just seems to fall in place. The path is difficult, always unyielding and always challenging – it is the end result that people see and the past is forgotten while jubilating over and celebrating the success of the present. So what is it that people do to get on a roll? If Seb Vettel can do it, if

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